A new automotive era.

CarNinja is an automotive lifestyle brand and creator of connected technologies for consumers & enthusiasts. Basically, we’re a bunch of internet geeks who love cars and making awesome websites.

That’s a bold statement, and we’re a bold company. We intend to rebuild the online automotive industry, starting from the ground up. With more than a decade of industry experience, we saw some major shortages in the online technology aspect of our industry. That’s why we’ve set out to change it.

… and by the way; Ninjas > Pirates.

Ninja Max


Currently in development, CarNinja.com is our approach at bringing together all things automotive. With a slick interface and comprehensive vehicle information, finding anything automotive will never be easier.


DealerNinja.com is a suite of tools designed to help dealerships sell vehicles online. DealerNinja is the new definitive collection of helpful instruments for dealerships nationwide.